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How to Get IP Address of Any Website – 3 Methods

Get IP Address of Any Website
Get IP Address of Any Website

How to Get IP Address of Any Website – 3 Methods

Today we are going to share an intriguing trick to Get IP Address of Any Website with the assistance of Reverse Ip Lookup. You don’t have to introduce any product to rehearse this trap.

Switch Ip Lookup is a methodology or equation to Get IP Address of Any Website. As a matter of fact, in this, we inspect for the Ip Address of the facilitating server of any server. With this, we can watch the Ip Address of each site like Facebook, Twitter, and innumerable progressively prominent destinations. You can have its IP address and different more quintessence through this query IP technique. There are various techniques to Trace back the IP address of any site. What’s more, in this post, I will share a portion of the techniques, to Find IP Address of a site.

How to Get Server’s IP Address of Any Website – Reverse IP Lookup

There are numerous strategies for Reverse Ip Lookup. Best 4 techniques out of them are recorded underneath.

#1 Get Ip Address Of A Site Using Command Prompt:-

In this technique basically ping directions work for us to locate IP address of any site. All things considered, ping direction works ICMP convention which is made for servers address. Thus this direction uses to find the server address.

  1. Click on start and type cmd and then press Enter.
  2. Now command prompt will gets open.
  3. Type ping Site name (for ex-ping falib.co.za).
  4. And press Enter.

Now this will show you the Ip address of the site and all trip details of the site location.

#2 Using Terminal In MAC Or Linux:-

The terminal resembles the command prompt but it is in the OS MAC and in Linux. In this, we can type directions as we did, in Cmd. Presently in this terminal, you will query for Ip address of any site utilizing a basic order.

  1. Open terminal by a pressing CTRL+ALT+T ok keyboard at once.
  2. Now type ping -c1 Sitename (for ex:- ping -c1 falib.co.za).

Now same as in above method this will display IP address of the server of falib.

#3 Using Network Utility In MAC:-

  1. Open Network Utility in your MAC.
  2. There you will find a  ping tab click on it.
  3. Now enter the address of the site which you want to Reverse Lookup for IP  in the text field box.
  4. Click on ping button.

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This will ping the site automatically and you will get the Ip address of the site server.


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